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One of the many challenges of information management and compliance in the medical field is the complex growth each month. SK Archiving is dedicated to serving hospitals, medical practices and healthcare systems; challenges with a comprehensive suite of solutions that bring health information management back under your control.

For over 20 years, SK Archiving has operated as a trusted partner to hospitals across the United States, and we continue to share our expertise with thousands of care providers by:

  • Developing and maintaining information management, data storage, protection and recovery programs, all of which are fully integrated
  • Streamlining access to patient records
  • Protecting valuable patient information
  • Integrating digital radiology media
  • Navigating the transition of electronic health records
  • Ensuring compliance across multiple locations
  • Minimizing the demands on IT staff
  • Establishing an effective model for records and data management cost control

HIPAA Regulations

Collaborating with SK Archiving enables you to incorporate some of the most powerful information management tools right into your strategy. Our consultants are available to work with your team to analyze your current systems, requirements and document recommendations, and will implement them across your organization. Our system is intended to address the issues you face on a daily basis while we prepare you for any future challenges.

SK Archiving believes that listening is the most important thing that we can do for our customers, so give us a call and let us listen - 1-877-File-Find (345-3346).