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SK Archiving is dedicated to improving, protecting and preserving the integrity of legal departments and law firms, reducing risk and facilitating the transition to the digital law practice. We have earned the trust of more than 10,000 law firms worldwide; our legal experts are qualified to help you address the unique challenges of legal information management, storage, protection and recovery. Our commitment to supporting the control of your costs and improving productivity identifies the solutions we deliver. By utilizing SK Archiving’s tools, you will be able to direct resources towards your business, while managing costs more efficiently.

With the growth of electronic information and the need for greater control in litigation, it is important to shift with the changes. We work closely with your staff to analyze your specific requirements and needs, and we will help you develop a comprehensive, personal and integrated program. Your program will also:

  • Reduce malpractice and non-compliance by implementing the best practices for records retention and destruction across all types of media, practice areas and office locations
  • Enhance productivity and responsiveness through streamlined records storage, retrieval and access
  • Manage time-sensitive litigation discovery requests
  • Streamline the transition to digital law practice by integrating electronic document management and online data backup into your workflow every day
  • Facilitate document access and retrieval 24/7
  • Address intellectual property issues with specialized technology
  • Maximize your use of office space, hardware and IT resources—while minimizing costs and logistics—through offsite records storage

SK Archiving believes that listening is the most important thing that we can do for our customers, so give us a call and let us listen - 1-877-File-Find (345-3346).