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Whether you are a small community college or a multi--campus University, you must always keep your focus on maintaining a balance between attracting and maintaining a top-notch student body and faculty while adhering to the strict regulation of student records retention, grant and financial aid submissions, homeland security information, etc.

SK Archiving has a solution for you to maintain a secure, single online repository for your documents. Every document, paper, email, and fax is available for secure access using an Internet connection. We have put a stop to misplaced, deleted or lost documents with the ability to access any document, record, transcript, application with a few mouse clicks.

We provide a single location where everyone can view documents simultaneously. SK Archiving works in all areas of higher education. Several departments can share this resource for a fixed and budget-friendly monthly subscription. No application hardware to buy, no IT department to consult with and no long setup time; we can get your team up and running today.

SK Archiving also can provide document management solutions for the K-12 market. We believe that listening is the most important thing that we can do for our customers, so give us a call and let us listen - 1-877-File-Find (345-3346).