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SK Archiving works with thousands of construction companies worldwide to help them meet their information management challenges. We'll work closely with you to provide affordable enterprise-grade information management solutions that employ our expertise in information storage, protection, and recovery services.

SK Archiving-quality protection is within your reach. Everyday we partner with construction companies like yours to help them implement the “best practices” that we have learned through our many years of experience. We can offer you solutions that will help you manage costs, improve business efficiency, and achieve necessary regulatory compliance.

As your business grows, it is inevitable that your information management will become more complex. SK Archiving is here to help you securely manage and protect vital business and customer information through periods of growth and transition.

Security for Your Business
SK Archiving's storage solutions for your construction business focus on security, safety and best practices, while ensuring that your business records are well-protected and preserved. Whether your information is paper-based or electronic, SK Archiving offers data protection solutions specifically for your business.

SK Archiving's solutions automatically back up your information in a quick and secure manor for data backup and recovery. Should a disaster strike, we protect your valuable data from accidental loss or corruption. Recovering your data is fast and simple; your files can be retrieved from anywhere in the world through a computer and Web browser.

Efficiency, Accessibility and Convenience
Through our SK Archiving portal, you can search, locate, and submit retrieval requests for any carton, file, or document stored in our records center-24/7 via the Internet. All records stored in an SK Archiving records center are indexed and tracked with unique bar-coded labels; this enables us to efficiently store, locate, and re-file records. If you have questions any time on any day, a customer service representative is always available to serve your team to resolve any problems.

Reduce Secure Storage Costs
Whether you're currently storing records onsite or in self-storage, it is likely that you are spending more than you would with SK Archiving. We can help you lower costs for space, records retrieval, and transportation, and provide more security.

Destruction and Secure Shredding
The secure destruction of data and physical records is just as important to your business as it is to anyone else’s. SK Archiving's secure shredding services strive to:

  • Transfer our knowledge about industry best practices by ensuring that our partners get the most from their information
  • Reduce the costs of managing information that is no longer useful, pertinent or necessary to your business
  • Offer flexible, effective and reliable onsite and off-site data destruction and secure shredding services
  • Reduce the risks of data and records falling into the wrong hands
  • Discover what current records management retention best practices are and how your company can benefit from using these best practices
  • Discover why proper retention records best practices are paramount to a comprehensive cost efficient records management program
  • Discover what policies and procedures are being put in place for easy/cost efficiently handling of digital assets
  • Help thousands of businesses worldwide leverage limited information management resources to maximum effect.

SK Archiving believes that listening is the most important thing that we can do for our customers, so give us a call and let us listen - 1-877-File-Find (345-3346).